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Just In Time Care

As an employer, you are more than aware of the impact on the bottom line when employees are unable to show up for work due to caregiving issues. Providing solutions to help identify quality care options is both equitable and cost effective.

                       A True Choice Alternative

Just in Time Care

Just in Time Care is a cost effective, comprehensive, backup dependent care program reaching all employees. Our program offers a full range of child and adult backup care options nationwide, allowing employees to choose care they are comfortable with. Because Just in Time Care links employees to existing care in their communities, and includes the option of using friends and family, it is particularly flexible and convenient. Just in Time Care can stand alone as a backup program, or work in combination with other programs. With Just in Time Care, employees come to work with peace of mind.

Increasing Productivity - Reducing Absenteeism - Helping Families

Other Services

Our Resource and Referral programs provide a variety of options to help employees connect to dependent care solutions tailored to their specific needs. Whether employees are looking for infant care, housing options for an older relative, or summer camps, etc., our services will save hours and help to relieve stress.

     Saving Time - Helping Employees