Other Services

We are delighted to provide our corporate clients and their employees with an array of enhanced programs and services. To ensure your satisfaction with our programs and services, both you and your company’s level of eligibility will be verified prior to participation in our corporate Elder Care and Child Care Resource and Referral Programs. The links below will connect you to a description of the services as well as provide you with links to other online request forms.

•   Elder Care Resource and Referral

Provides referrals to elder care options nationwide.

•   Child Care Resource and Referral

For all types of child care options, including nanny agencies, in Delaware and surrounding states.

•   Child Care U-Search

For all types of child care options, except nanny agencies, in Delaware.

To find out if you and your company are eligible to receive these services, contact your Human Resources department, contact us, or call the Resource & Referral services hotline at 888-390-2900.

If your company does not offer our programs as an employee benefit, please encourage them to visit our website’s Employer section and/or call us directly at 877-561-5557!

If either your company or your spouse/partner’s employer does not offer our enhanced programs as an employee benefit, you are welcome to use our free community referral services for child care, elder care, and respite care.