I Am Already Enrolled

You must be enrolled in the Just in Time Care program in order to take advantage of the following services.

Before Care Takes Place

Once enrolled in the program, if you need help identifying care for future backup care situations, please follow the link below to complete an online request form. Fill out the request form if you are planning ahead for possible future care needs; or if you currently have an actual date or dates when you need backup care. Whether your request for care is next week or three months from now, we will begin the search for backup care options in your community, tailored to your request specifications.

Request for care options!

Do you need backup care within the next two working days?
Please STOP, pick up the telephone, and CALL us right now at 800-537-5557!

Remember, you can also choose your own backup care provider - whether it's a child care center or family child care provider that you know, an in-home health agency that you are familiar with, or a friend or relative.

After Care Takes Place

After your backup care takes place, complete the appropriate Just in Time Care invoice, sign it, have your backup care provider sign it, and mail, fax or e-mail it to us. Some employers require that the subsidy funds are sent to the backup care provider, while other companies offer the option of reimbursing the employee and/or sending the subsidy funds to the provider. Make sure you are aware of your employer’s policy.

Also make sure you know the dates for when invoices must be received by for your company’s plan!

Print Just in Time Care Invoice

Payments are sent within two to four weeks of receipt of your approved invoice. You can also verify when checks were mailed using the link below.

View dates of Just in Time Care check mailings!