Elder Care Resource and Referral

To utilize this program, you must be employed by one of our corporate clients and be eligible to participate in this benefit.

If your company does not offer this program as an employee benefit, you are welcome to use our free community referral service in order to receive this service.

Our nationwide Elder Care Resource and Referral Service reduces the research time, legwork, and worry associated with resolving elder care situations. Our referral specialists educate you about resources and options available for your older loved ones, regardless of where they live in the country. Studies have shown that this service saves between 15 and 20 hours of legwork—two full working days!

Here’s how the service works:

1.    Complete the online referral request form or call 888-390-2900. Once we confirm that your employer is a corporate client,

we will connect you with an elder care specialist who will assess your caregiving situation and assist you in identifying care options that will best meet your needs and concerns.

2.    The specialist will guide you to resources that would be helpful in your caregiving situation. Support is also provided on issues

including: coping with stress, communicating with family members about care needs, understanding complicated subjects such as Medicare and legal issues, and more.

3.    The specialist conducts a customized database search to identify providers and services that meet your criteria. The specialist

calls the providers to verify the information and inquire about any special issues of interest to you.

4.    Within two working days, the specialist sends you detailed profiles of at least three to five providers/services that meet your

specific needs.

5.    Categories include nursing homes, assisted living facilities, senior centers, adult day care, recreation, health care, home health

agencies, transportation, meal/nutrition programs, and much more.

Preview sample profile now!

6.    Within 10 days, your specialist will call you to check on the progress of your search. Your specialist will keep in contact,

conducting additional research as needed, until your elder care situation is resolved to your satisfaction.

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