Just in Time Care - Real Life Examples

Real Life Examples of When Just in Time Care Can Be Used

•     You know of a provider willing to do backup care for your children, but you can’t afford to pay the full cost of care.

•     Your family child care provider’s own child is sick and has to close for the day.

•     The children have no school on Presidents Day, but you still need to get to work.

•     Your father generally can take care of himself, but when he is not well someone needs to be with him. With no other care

options, you need to stay home with him.

•     With many camps closed during the last week of summer vacation, you can’t find care for your eight-year-old daughter.

•     Your spouse normally cares for the baby but must go out of town for a family emergency.

•     Your family child care provider’s mother dies; the provider has to close for a week to handle arrangements related to the death.

•     Emergency/bad weather closes school, but you still need to get to work.

•     Your mother has just had surgery and needs care for a few days while she recuperates.

•     Your in-home provider/nanny unexpectedly resigns. You need to find intermittent care immediately while you search for new care

arrangements for your baby.

•     Your three-year-old daughter who was running a fever at bedtime cannot yet return to the child care center. You have a

presentation at work that can’t be missed.

•     Your family child care provider takes a vacation. You do not want to use your own vacation days to cover that period.

•     Your wife is the primary caregiver for your father-in-law, but she is out of town and the care giving responsibility falls on you.

•     You have to travel for business, and you’re using a relative to watch your kids.

•     You prefer having your school-age children spend the full day at their regular after-school program during Spring Break, and

would appreciate having your company help pay for the additional cost.