The Business Case

Just in Time Care is a comprehensive; nationwide; 24/7; backup care program that helps find and/or pay for backup dependent care, child and adult/elder care for your employees. It helps your employees maintain that fine line of balancing work and family, and provides them the peace of mind so that they are more focused, more productive, and more committed to your company.

Why is Just in Time Care a Smart Business Decision?

•   Premier Backup Services

More than 15 years experience providing quality backup care programming for companies.

•   Comprehensive

Our program model provides services that reach all family members, regardless of age, as well as identifies care for both anticipated and unanticipated needs.

•   Reduces Absenteeism

Research shows that employees with dependent care responsibilities miss an average of eight to nine days of work each year. In fact, there is no greater cause for absenteeism.

•   Increases Productivity

Employees who have responsibility for elderly family members miss more work days, have more unplanned absences, and can demonstrate a lack of focus which ultimately effects job performance.

•   Employee Retention

An employee’s perception on how their company recognizes their personal lives continues to be a major factor in their loyalty and commitment to the company.

•   Nationwide Coverage

Attractive for all companies, including those with smaller locations (i.e., field sales, branches, or regional offices).

•   Helps Families

Promotes true “personal choice” for employees, including our “Friends and Family” component, adding richness to the program and increasing usage.

•   Cost Effective

Low cost alternative to other backup care options – on-site centers, purchasing slots in existing centers, etc.

•   Great ROI

High Return on Investment (ROI) – Quantitatively by “work days saved”; Qualitatively by enhanced employee morale.

•   Flexible

Flexibility to customize to employer specifications.

•   Employer Focused

Easy to administer; high profile benefit; equitable; superior customer service.

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