Customer Comments: Just in Time Care Makes a Difference!

Employees (and Employers) time after time, share with us the positive impact Just in Time Care has made in their personal and professional lives.

From our Corporate Clients:

Just in Time Care is an important component of our national work/life program…………it offers [our] employees flexibility and the peace of mind that comes from being able to identify a known, trusted family member, friend, or other provider and receive the care in or near home as well as near work."

Just in Time Care is one program that …………meets the needs of our business and of our employees who have child care and adult care responsibilities. Each year, a growing number of employees and managers tell us how important this benefit is to them.”

From their Employees:

Child Care Solutions – “School was closed for an in-service day. I used Just in Time Care to pay for a babysitter so I could get to work. I had a very important mandatory meeting that afternoon, and I was able to attend, thanks to Just in Time Care."
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Elder Care Solutions –“Just in Time Care was one of the most helpful benefits I have ever received. My father passed away on June 12th. Prior to his passing he was sick and in pain-requiring constant care. The nurse that Just in Time Care helped me retain gave my father the essential care he needed and it allowed me to do my job. But more importantly I could do my job fully and effectively because I knew my father was in good hands. Just in Time Care gave me peace of mind and my father nursing care - it was priceless. I thank you deeply.”
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Self Care Solutions - “I had surgery and needed a home health aide. It was very helpful - I didn't have to worry about having someone helping me to take care of daily needs.”

Employer Accolades - “This is one of the reasons I continue to work. This kind of benefit is essential when both parents are working and have a child that is sick. I wouldn't be able to be here without Just in Time Care.
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