In the early 1990s, The Family & Workplace Connection, now a division of Children & Families First, initiated regular monthly meetings with a group of Human Resource professionals. During these discussions, backup dependent care was identified as an unmet need in the community. The driving force to create the Just in Time Care program, however, was the severe winter weather of 1993–1994, when schools and care facilities closed for numerous days. At the workplace, absenteeism rates rose, and distraction and stress levels were high.

DuPont was one company that recognized the impact of absenteeism and employee distraction on corporate productivity. In April 1994, representatives of The Family & Workplace Connection, DuPont, and Work/Family Directions met to discuss how to address the backup care need. As a result, the concept of what is now known as Just in Time Care emerged. Little did they know that their combined efforts would result in a program that has been embraced by thousands of employees throughout the United States.

The Just in Time Care program was launched on January 1, 1995. For employers, this initiative has had tremendous impact on the ability to maintain employee productivity. For employees, it relieves the stresses associated with coping with the pressures of managing work and family obligations.

Since the initial implementation, we have gained valuable expertise and experience in different types of backup care issues; identifying trends and patterns, refining the service to reflect the realities of backup care, and customizing the service to meet the needs of corporate clients.