Just in Time Care, Child and Adult Backup Care

For backup care and other child and adult/elder care services to be truly utilized and help address productivity issues in the workplace, they need to be both affordable and of high quality.

Just in Time Care is a comprehensive, nationwide, 24/7 backup care program that helps find and/or pay for backup dependent care – child and adult/elder care for your employees. It helps your employees maintain that fine line of balancing work and family, and provides them peace of mind so that they are more focused, more productive, and more committed to your company.

Just in Time Care is a high profile, low cost alternative to address and maintain family/work balance for your employees!

Historically, the most prevalent reasons for backup care are:

•   School Holidays and In Service Days
•   Weather Related Closings
•   Provider/Caregiver Vacations
•   Business Travel
•   Provider/Caregiver is Sick or Closes
•   Sick Child or Adult Care
•   Adult/Elder Transitional Care

See current Just in Time Care Satisfaction and Utilization results.

Why Just in Time Care?

•   Research shows that employees with dependent care responsibilities miss an average of eight to nine days of work each year. In
     fact, there is no greater cause for absenteeism.
•   Our program connects employees, through our Nationwide data base, with backup care solutions that best meet their needs - 24
     hours a day: 7 days a week: 365 days a year.
•   Our “Personal Choice” option enables employees to select care they are most comfortable with, including friends and family.
•   Just in Time Care can be customized, has a high ROI (average 3:1), is cost effective, and provides superior customer service.
•   Just in Time Care works! It is a comprehensive system designed to meet a wide variety of anticipated and unanticipated needs.

For additional information, feel free to download our brochure. You may also contact us or call us directly at 877-561-5557 for ways we can help you help your employees!